Praca, Zdrowie i Pieniadze

My name is Gabriela Michalik

I was born in Poland in early enough that I remember primer of the first class of primary school's M. Falskiego.

I remember working in the accounting of where the calculation of the cost of transport did on wooden abacus.

 I'm not sure if today's bloggers would be able to count on such a device?

Later it has been called "twirls" - such devices, which are not only able to add and subtract but not yet proliferated and shared! It was a remarkable progress especially invoicing. Then it's a shock - digital machines "Robotron"! Well it was for progress in accounting for accounts, debit and credit side and ready Balance! Upcycle also the first computerization in banking.

As a little girl I remember the words of my mother, who spoke to her sisters, "I just wish my Gabrysia educated, to reach a high position in society and do not have to work as hard as I do." Poor Mama did not survive until the next stages of my education, too early died.

At all costs we want to fulfill the dreams and I gained the stages of education; First I graduated handlówkę but came to the conclusion that it is not enough. All day in the shop behind the counter and at the end of the month I was shaking with fear that the inventory did not show manka and then a thought occurred to Mamie liked to be if I won a title, so further study and gained economic techniques economist, but ambitions went up - master of law, podyplomówki and further diplomas is multiplied, the door was open work in the court, banking, went in and out, more or less satisfied. However, more often appeared to think that the costs of my work contribution is disproportionate earnings, which do not compensate the costs incurred to acquire further qualifications, and only average maintenance and more distinct signals the body that happens to be wrong, you have to change something, relax

I took a couple of days urolopu went to the village to rest. For the first time in a long time, I felt the joy of flowers, trees, lakes, and asked myself why so much I moved away from that environment in which I grew up and lived sometime ?, where am I going ?, or just want to live on? Tired and fell asleep at the time of this dream I saw a different life, in which I felt free from fear, pain, hurry, anger, constant control .... when I woke up, I already knew the answer to your question - I want to change my life.

 I want to have the job, at which not lose myself completely forgetting about their biological necessities of life, about dreams that I want to be healthy, I want to have money and time to a decent life.

How do you think that all this time you can achieve? I know the answer, which is ... .So!

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